Yoi App : Product Design

Yoi : A habit change app for fortune 500 companies. A B2B HTML 5 app that was used inside corporations to help identify and deploy CLO materials. I came into the app through a former colleague who had taken VP of business operations. The UX team had been let go and the development team was working numerous directions. Once involved I help get the team of 2 designer & 5 developers into an agile sprint cycle that quickly fixed usability then performance issues then aesthetic UI components. We streamlined the customer conversation and modified the feature request process allowing us to test maintain and help out existing users learn the UI fixes.

Yoi was a B2B enterprize app for habit change among employees.  A set of courses and learning materials for helping and changing bad employee habits. Based off writing and content from Keith Ferrazzi, Yoi was a product that was deployed at mulitple fortune 500 enterprize companies. 
Yoi product progression from left inharited UI to right future vision prototype
Onboarding prototype and sketch: Keynote to show media
Invision Onboarding Prototype : iterations from keynote exploration and placed into Illustarator plus invision app clickable prototype to capture the experience 
Invision Prototype for Yoi 2.0 : A complete system clickable prototype to explore the changes in feature and product strategy. 
Blue sky new vision: A newly designed platform with a new interaction model new course model and new content. 
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