Spark Homepage : UX

A homepage redesign for a Internet of Things product and hardware piece. Completed quickly through agile development the experiece was crafted to allow for a simple interaction model and allow user to quickly get involved and purchase the item

Spark Landing Page
Pinned purchase CTA to the bottom and incourages users to pre-order. 
Pinned Purchase CTA 
As the user scolls drown the page the pre-order encentive CTA gets pinned to the top of the header allowing user to explore content but also never lose the attention to buy if they want. 
Full Design Page 
Long scrollable page with icon navigation to the right that moves users down the page. Lasy load and small animation builds on scrolling interaction. 
Conecpt Sketchs
Ideas move quickly and sometimes all that is needed is a sketch
Wireframes don't always have to be super flushed out when working in quick moving competent teams. 
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