Pop Tech 2010 : Rube Goldberg Conference Opening

An element of chance and an air of tension draw Heather Knight and her colleagues Chris Becker & Marek Michalowski at Syyn Labs to construct Rube Goldberg contraptions. PopTech followed the team so see if the Rube Goldberg machine they created, mainly from knick-knacks found in antique shops around Camden, ME, to kick off PopTech 2010. And with bated breath, we watched the apparatus come to life – with a little help from some friends.

We in 3 long day sourced all our materials locally to create a Rube Goldberg introduction to the 2010 Poptech Conference in Camden, Maine. We pulled off an elaborite intro with theuse of robot from Heather Knight and a bloon drop that had LED in the balloons. 
Interaction Diagram : Designed, Structured and organized by our small team of 3. 
Sketches to get started on what we were thinking of building and making work 
Behind the scenes finding equipment and materials
Volunteers filling balloons 
Last minute tweeks to make sure machine works
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