OK GO : Rube Goldberg Machine Video

A creative oneshot music video of an elaborate Rube Goldberg. The machine and video moves through 2 floors of a warehouse in Los Angeles.

Working with a large team of volunteers and the creative team at Syynlabs and OKGO, we created a super challenging oneshot video rube goldberg machine.  Video has been seen over 45 million times on YouTube. 
I was left responsible for building out a interaction of chairs falling down on time. A section of the video that never failed during shooting. 
During Shooting: I help design and set up the dominoes at the beginning of the video. The machine was tempernential and the goal was to make it through in one shot so they had to be set up numberous times. 
A team of more then 30 people helped build, set up and create interactions. I was brough in to help art direct some shots of the video and help corrdinate and organize during the days we shot the video. 
Behind the scenes setting up
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